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Who are the Gero Influencers?

We are Millennial women who are the founders of Senior businesses, non-profits, or major projects. We are joined together as community leaders to influence towards one larger goal: inspiring Millennials to become agents of change for Seniors – creating a MOVEMENT! *YAY* With Love of Gray at the helm (this movement is our mission), each of our Gero Influencers are doing specific, much needed work in the Senior space, from caregiver coaching, to dementia guidance, to fitness for older adults. Love of Gray leads this action-based community in collaborative projects to highlight this rich variety of Senior work, and hopefully our “powers combined” will inspire Millennials to take notice. Individually, we can make a difference, but together, we can create societal change!


What are the Requirements?

It is a requirement to be a Millennial, have founded a Senior business, non-profit, or major project and be regularly influencing on social media. While Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. are great platforms, Instagram is the main avenue we use to influence and so we require an active profile. Also, we require that you be the person running your social media account, i.e. be the influencer yourself as opposed to a team member operating the account on behalf of your business.

We hold video conferences every quarter. Since building community is such a key part of this group, and highly desired by all members, attendance of 2 of the 4 meetings per year is required. As of now, the quarterly meeting days and times will vary so that we do not exclude members who cannot attend on a certain day of the week. We will provide an email notification a couple weeks in advance so that you have time to plan!

While you are not required to participate in the collaborative projects (mostly videos), this is a large benefit to being a member of the community; Love of Gray covers the cost of the projects and they are a really great way to showcase how we have come together. Most of these projects can be coordinated via email, so in order to participate you must respond to the specific questions, send in your video, etc. by the deadline given in order to be included. Other than a unique, larger project we may decide to do, these regular projects are designed not to require a lot of time, but still pack a punch! 


What Happens at the Quarterly Meetings?

The main purpose of our meetings is connectedness. Our members desire to be connected with others like themselves (since our work is so unique). They also want to be able to feel, ask and provide support when needed and do small and large collaborations. With that in mind, our meetings will involve:

Fun, team-building activities
Marketing ideas for our community videos & projects
Brief spotlight for any members that have a special project coming up and would like community support*
Industry updates*
Issues or questions that will impact the group

[*request must be emailed to Shelly prior to the meeting]


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