I still think this is one of the greatest SNL skits of all time. In case you didn’t watch SNL in the 90’s, the Spartan Cheerleaders (with the great Will Ferrell) were the most enthusiastic, pumped full of cheer, totally crazed fans ever….as in “they had the spirit, yeeeeeeeeah!”

And you guessed it, I was a cheerleader too, just a few years before dance team stole my heart. However, my love for cheering on my fav team at games has remained strong over the years. For a number of years I have been a very proud PITTSBURGH STILLERS FAN (that’s how true Steelers fans say it if yinz didn’t know). I do love the Redskins too because we live in the DC Area and that’s my husband’s prized team, but any trip to Heinz Field is a treat for the both of us. In fact, I go there about every other year to celebrate my birfffday. This year the game fell on the actual day of my birth (October 28- mark your calendar for next year ;o)) and so my family and I went. OF COURSE it was a win (don’t hate the players hate the game), but it was epic for many reasons. Just to give you a black & yellow feel of what it was like that day:

The excitement is palpable. No? And honestly, this is how it is every single game. But why? Are we all crazy? Had too much coffee? Perhaps, but it’s really because being a fan is SO MUCH FUN. It makes you feel like you’re a part of something big, something to smile for, something mindless to relax with and get some energy out.

By the way, did you notice how great our seats are? Buuuuut, the field wasn’t the best view I had all day. No sir. *Get ready for this* bumbumbum:

Ya’ll know I was staring at her the whole game and while everyone had their eye on the ball— I had my eye on this lovely lady. I WISHED I had more video to share, but man this woman was a BEAST. The whole game she was attentive, cheering her team on, and to boot—- it was darn cold outside and even poured the last part of the game. Did she leave with some other fans?! NAH MAN. She threw on her poncho and toughed it out, because, well she’s a true Pittsburgh Steelers fan. She’s tough. She’s resilient. A little rain and cold air isn’t going to scare away Mr. Gray!

Made me think…I wonder how long she’s been a fan and how many games she’s attended? If she’s lived in the Burgh all her life, and the Steelers were founded in 1933, I can assume this wasn’t her 1st or even 20th rodeo. And then I thought, why not stay at home and watch the game from the comfort of her couch? Well, like many of us, Mr. Gray wants to be right where the action is too—- smell the crisp air, feed off of the energy of other crazed fans, and just to get the full experience.

And why does age have to get in the way of being a super fan? Get in the WAY?!! NO WAY. In fact, it’s what gives you the street cred to BE a super fan. And if you’re one long enough, you might even get your own bobblehead:


Go ‘head Sister Jean! Can you imagine saying you’ve watched almost all of the games of your team for 50+ years?! I can’t even do the math on how many games that is- let’s see here…1, 2, ALOT. Mr. Gray has the years of experience to watch a team go through decades of ups and downs, transition through numerous coaches, and make it to and even win multiple big time games like the NCAA Tournament and Superbowl.

The Mr. Grays in the stands are hands-down, the biggest fans of the game because true fans, win or lose, are forever.